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Beijing time 2019/5/17, IG lost to TL in three to stop the semi-finals.

The situation is really ups and downs.  It made both fans sweat deeply.The first game was inferior and the second game rolled up to win. Although the third game of the Rookie Demon played well and regained a game, the fourth game of the TL immediately took out a big move in which Danlakesichenggong defeated IG to advance to the finals.

After the match, the IG team management also apologized and stated that it will return to Shanghai immediately after the rest and will welcome the summer match in a better state.

However, fans did not give up their support for IG because of the defeat of the IG team. They expressed the hope that the IG team will continue to cheer in the summer!

I hope you RNG fans and IG fans are not in the fight. After all, both teams are the hope of LPL. Let's look forward to the next game.



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